Moai Sunrise


The remote island of Rapa Nui, more commonly known as Easter Island, is one of the three corners of the Polynesian Triangle, along with Hawai’i and New Zealand. It’s also one of the most remote places on earth.  What struck me most is how little is known of this place even to this day and how often our conversations with guides or locals turned to, ‘Well, that’s what I believe but we don’t really know.’  What is known, is that the people of this island, since their contact with Europeans in the early 1700s, lived an extremely brutal existence, from famine and warfare to slavery and disease, diminishing their population from an estimated ~10,000 to only 111 people. To me, this image represents the continued history of the people of this small island, that their culture and legacy lives on, shrouded in mystery.

Camera: Sony A7RIII

Print Size: 17×22

Price: $200