Photo of Sam Shimizu Jones

Sam Shimizu-Jones was born and raised in the coastal city of Santa Cruz, California.  By trusting his own process and that of the amazing community of people around him, he has collaborated with some amazing organizations and people around the world in several mediums.

His work as a documentarian and cinematographer has taken him around the globe to more than 50 countries. He’s worked with various nonprofits, toured with musical groups like Major Lazer and Diplo, and worked as the Director of Photography on scripted narrative feature and short films throughout California.  

During this time, he also co-founded a production company, Will Call, with his good friend and business partner, William Carnahan.  While the company is based in Los Angeles, they have worked on projects in Europe and throughout North America, ranging from commercials to music videos, feature films to social media campaigns.

Alongside his work as a filmmaker, Sam is a dedicated online educator.  In 2015, his close friend Phil Ebiner asked him to collaborate on a Photography Masterclass for the online education platform, Udemy.  They now have many courses in multiple languages on several online platforms and have over a million students from around the globe.  Sam continues to collaborate with this online community daily and enjoys creating and updating courses.  

Outside his work, Sam enjoys photography as a sort of meditation, a way to slow down and focus on a single frame.  Between his travels abroad and love of being outdoors, he has focused on landscape and street photography.  He has left photography for himself, rarely working professionally as a photographer and for this reason, is excited to be offering his photos as prints, the way in which he believes photography should be appreciated.

For any inquires, contact Sam at sam@bncfilms.com.

Think Global, Support Local

Companies have a social responsibility to add value to local communities. Sam’s production company Will Call makes it a priority to collaborate with local businesses and nonprofit organizations. Sam records many of these projects on the journal.